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KAPP brings together 4 Technologies:
1) YOU STAR . ONLINE – Creating a Digital YOU – by sending us your photo, paying for the fee, then you can see yourself in the KAPP app as a 3D Game Character!
2) BUILDER of WORLDS – which allows you to custom design your own game level PLANET, with one starter city. This Package includes several buildings, choice of space debris/asteroids/space station.
3) RIFTVERSE – An OPEN MULTIVERSE – not just world – where you can become anything from a passive explorer, a hacker, space pilot, to an influential Planet Master!
4) MYUNIVERZ Online Store – The E-Commerce Platform where you can purchase the above services.

With Your KAPP Account – you can connect all these technologies and create an artificial persona – a digital YOU, that can work while you sleep, build in game money (become an NPC), and more!
Join Today – Get a KAPP / RIFTVERSE account HERE!